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What We Can Do For You

We believe in providing our clients with a holistic range of services.

Filing the appropriate paperwork is only the beginning. We also assist our clients with real estate purchase agreements, financial services via our banking partners, and company formation and structure assistance.

Investment Options

We provide three main ways of achieving residency & citizenship:

  1. Through financial contributions e.g. donation to a Government Fund in the relevant country (the country you would like to attain citizenship and passport for).
  2. By purchasing property in the country (with a minimum financial requirement).
  3. By investing in a company in the country (with a minimum financial requirement).


There is a bit more detail below on each kind of investment and, if you would like, we can also send you specific brochures about the countries and programs we work with. These brochures contain more detail about the various programs offered and their benefits.

Company Formation

Our qualified staff have the extensive legal and administrative backgrounds necessary to handle the paperwork and smoothly arrange the documents required to establish your new company in the country of your choice.

It is possible to acquire residency and/or citizenship for you and your family through a foreign-business venture. We work with discerning and savvy local investors and entrepreneurs to help our clients properly establish their new businesses.

We also offer numerous inclusive services ranging from hiring qualified local employees, to navigating the often-complicated bureaucracy surrounding company formation.

Real Estate Purchase

Many countries require applicants for citizenship by investment to purchase property to fulfill criteria for residency and/or citizenship.

We work with authorized local property brokers to ensure the property you purchase is a sound investment. You can choose the property, or delegate this to one of our experienced developers—the choice is entirely yours.

Many countries don’t require the purchase of property to be a permanent obligation. We can also assist in the sale of property once the requirements for ownership have been fulfilled.

Alternatively, many of our clients prefer to retain properties as an additional source of income. If this is the route you choose to pursue, we also have relationships with reputable property management partners who can look after the details on your rental property.

Financial Services

We offer our clients a wide variety of financial services via our banking partners. Services include everything from basic needs such as opening an account to more complex offerings like investment management, and more.

Legal Services

Above everything else, we strive to work within the law in the various countries we offer assistance with citizenship by investment services in. We recognize that every client’s situation is unique and, consequently, we can provide tailored solutions for every client’s unique legal needs.

We do not just simply ask our clients to provide us with required documentation—we help obtain it, authenticate it, and translate it. By taking care of the details, it means a smoother process and fewer delays toward receiving residency and/or citizenship.